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The 21st MIB retreat

Last August 29 and 30, 2018, we had the 21st anniversary MIB retreat held at Hotel Sekia. This activity aims to build a good relationship among all MIB members. About 150 members participated in the retreat. There were 14 oral and 36 poster presentations. Just as we did last three retreats, we had an oral presentation in English. Many members joined the discussion and collaborated.

The oral and poster presentation award winners were as follows:
Most Excellent Oral Presentation Award
Naoto Kubota(Division of Bioinformatics)
Hideyuki Shimizu(Division of Cell Biology)
Excellent Oral Presentation Award
Kazufumi Kunimura(Division of Immunogenetics)
Kohta Nakatani(Division of Metabolomics)
Most Excellent Poster Presentation Award
Masayoshi Yorino(Division of Organogenesis and Regeneration)
Excellent Poster Presentation Award
Nanako Goto(Division of Organogenesis and Regeneration)
Taichii Shiraishi(Division of Cell Biology)
Keisuke Toriyama(Division of Epigenomics and Development)
Tsunaki Higa(Division of Cell Biology)
Most Excellent Question Award
Shizuka Miura(Division of Organogenesis and Regeneration)


The MIB softball tournament was held at Ohmutaryokuti sports park after the retreat. About 95 members participated in the game and enjoyed a lot. After the intense competition, team Division of Organogenesis and Regeneration won the tournament.