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The 27th Hot Spring Harbor International Symposium

On Oct 31 (Tue) and Nov 1 (Wed), 2017, the 27th Hot Spring Harbor International Symposium "Frontiers in Stem Cell Research and Reprogramming 2017" was held by Medical Institute of Bioregulation and Inter-University Research Network for Trans-Omics Medicine at Collaborative Research Station-I, Hospital Campus, Kyushu University. 15 invited speakers and 10 young scientists presented their latest knowledge in the field of stem cells and reprogramming. The invited speakers included Drs. Ludovic Vallier (UK), Frédéric Lemaigre (Belgium), Marius Wernig (USA), Nick Barker (Singapore), and Han Li (France). All talks were very interesting and exciting. A total of 230 people attended the symposium and had hot discussions about each topic.