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The 829th MIB Seminar
(Joint Usage/Research Center for the Multi-stratified Host Defense System)


From genomic studies of disease to the design of infrastructure for biomedical data sharing at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.


David Torrents Arenales, Ph.D.
ICREA Research Professor
Computational Genomics Group Leader
Barcelona Supercomputing Centre


Nov. 21 (Mon), 2022


Seminar Room, Main Building 1F, Medical Institute of Bioregulation
No.30 on the following linked map.


The Barcelona Supercomputing Center, a national computing resource in Spain has been strongly dedicated to Biomedical research since its constitution in 2005. From the department of Life Sciences, more than 100 researchers across different groups and units are focused on different aspects of bioinformàtics research, covering molecular dynamics, genomic and transcriptomic analyses, microbiome studies, as well as AI-based integrative studies around disease. In this seminar, the activity of the BSC in Biomedicine, and the specific activity of the Computational Genomics group will be described. This group is currently involved in three different areas: genetic analysis of complex diseases, somatic variant characterisation and interpretation in cancer studies, and the design of infrastructure directed to the management and sharing of oncological genomic and clinical data across countries. This activity is done in frame with the EUComission and the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH).

Selected Publications

  1. Lorena Alonso et al.
    TIGER: The gene expression regulatory variation landscape of human pancreatic islets. Cell Reports 37(2):109807, 2021.
  2. Marta Guindo-Martínez et al.
    The impact of non-additive genetic associations on age-related complex diseases. Nat Commun. 12(1):2436, 2021.
  3. Heidi L Rehm, Angela J H Page et al.
    GA4GH: International policies and standards for data sharing across genomic research and healthcare. Cell Genomics 1(2):100029, 2021.
  4. Jordi Valls-Margarit et al.
    GCAT|Panel, a comprehensive structural variant haplotype map of the Iberian population from high-coverage whole-genome sequencing. Nucleic Acids Res. 50(5):2464-2479, 2022.


Division of Bioinformatics, Medical Institute of Bioregulation
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