2016.1102    The 26th Hot Spring Harbor International Symposium
On Nov 2 (Wed) and 3 (Thu), 2016, the 26th Hot Spring Harbor International Symposium "Trans-Omics: New Approaches in Biology and Medicine 2016" was held at Collaborative Research Station-I, Hospital Campus, Kyushu University. This year, our lab took charge of the symposium. 15 invited speakers, who are in the front line of trans-omics research, presented their latest knowledge. All talks were very interesting and exciting. A total of 240 people attended the symposium and had hot discussions about each topic.
2016.0513   PhD students Shirane and Maenohara get awards at the CSHA
At the 4th Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conference on Chromatin, Epigenetics and Transcription held in Suzhou, China (May 9-13), Kenjiro Shirane (D4) was selected for a short talk and Shoji Maenohara (D4) for a best poster award among many posters presented. Congratulations!
Presentation title : Global landscape and regulatory principles of DNA methylation reprogramming for germ cell specification by mouse pluripotent stem cells (Kenjiro Shirane)
Presentation title : Essential role of Uhrf1 during oocyte growth and preimplantation development (Shoji Maenohara)
2016.0403    Hanami (Cherry blossom viewing)
On the day of cherry trees in full blossom within Fukuoka, we had a viewing party at Maiduru Park. With comfortable weather and right under a full-blown cherry tree, everybody had pleasant moments during that day.
2016.0130   Commemorative ceremony for Prof. Sasaki
On Jan. 30th, we had a party for cerebrating Prof. Sasaki's receipt of Purple Ribbon Medal from the Emperor at Hotel Ohkura Fukuoka. 150 people joined the party, and Profs. Kubo (President of Kyushu Univ.), Tajima (Osaka Univ.), Shinkai (RIKEN), Sumimoto (Kyushu Univ.), Furuya (Kochi Univ.), Nakashima (Kyushu Univ.), and Hata (Nat. Cent. Child Health care and Dev.) made congratulatory speeches. Profs. Kakutani (Tokyo Univ. & N.I.G.) gave Prof. Sasaki a commemorative gift, and Prof. Feil and his wife gave him flowers. We laughed a lot about their interesting memories with Prof. Sasaki. Surprisingly, the moderator of the ceremony was Ms. Rie Sasaki, an announcer of NHK. We appreciate her kindness a lot. Dr. Matsuda and Ms. Yoshida sang songs for Prof. Sasaki. For the last song, they invited Profs. Sasaki, Nakashima, Sumimoto and several alumni to join and sing the song. That was so fun! After the ceremony, we had a small (? actually 50 people joined!) party only with alumni and old friends of Prof. Sasaki. Because many of them live far from Kyushu, that was a great chance to meet each other. It was also a very precious chance for young members to know old members. The party was also really great!
2016.0130   Commemorative lecture meeting for Prof. Sasaki
On Jan. 30th, Profs. Ushijima, Nakano, and Sasaki gave us commemorative lectures for cerebrating Prof. Sasaki's receipt of Purple Ribbon Medal from the Emperor at Hotel Ohkura Fukuoka. Their lectures were full of humour and also scientifically very interesting. The lectures were also good chances to know life of Prof. Sasaki as a scientist. The participant of the lecture was 125 people.
2016.0118   10th joint annual retreat of Epigenetics laboratories (Profs. Sasaki, Shinkai, Kakutani, Sado, Tachibana, and Saze's labs)
We had the 10th joint annual retreat of Epigenetics laboratories on Jan. 18th to 20th in 2016 at Syuzenji, Shizuoka. This year, members who live in Kanto area had a difficulty to come because of heavy snow there. But, all of us managed to be there on time and started the retreat. We enjoyed warm sun light and a beautiful view of the Mount Fuji with snow on the top. All the members except professors presented their latest preliminary results. Discussions were hot and exciting. Every night, we held parties. In the parties, we talked a lot about science, hobbies, and life. This year, Prof. Robert Feil also joined us and gave precious advice to young scientists. I think that all the members got something important by joining this meeting.

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